SAUDI ARABIA IN PICTURES: Kings Park and Botanic Garden bringing the desert to life


More pictures from the Kings Park team in Saudi Arabia

desert in bloom

Arabian Desert flowering after early rain, January 2014. Photo © Jason Stevens


seed collecting

Staff skilling - Calligonum comosum seed collection program 2011, Thumama Park. Photo © Patrick Courtney


grazing camels

Camels grazing on remnant vegetation and spring annuals at proposed Alhair Nature reserve January 2014. Photo © Jason Stevens


nursery training

Patrick Courtney provides nursery practise training and development – ADA Nursery Facilities 2011. Photo © Luke Sweedman



Installation at Thumama Nature Park, January 2013. Photo: Patrick Courtney


Greenstock plants responding to irrigation, May 2014. Photo © Patrick Courtney


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