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Andalucia book cover



cover of field guide to flora of south georgia


Wild Flowers of Eastern Andalucía

by Sarah Ball

Published by Browndown Publications, 7 Mar 2014

Soft cover 302pp

ISBN: 978-0-9563961-1-2

Distributed by NHBS - Everything for Wildlife, Science & Environment





A field guide to the flora of South Georgia

by Deirdre Galbraith


Softcover 72 pp

ISBN: 978 0 9564546 0 7

Available from WILDguides and NHBS



front cover of conservation biology

Conservation Biology for all

Edited by Navjot S. Sodhi & Paul R. Erlich

Oxford University Press

Softcover 360 pp

ISBN10: 0199554234


ISBN13: 9780199554232

Available from OUP and NHBS




front cover of Woodland Creation book


Woodland creation for wildlife and people in a changing climate

by David Blakesley and Peter Buckley

Pisces Publications

Softcover 171 pp

ISBN 978-1-874357-44-5

Available from NHBS





Front cover of Botanic Gardens by Sara Oldfield


Botanic Gardens: Modern-Day Arks

by Sara Oldfield

New Holland

Hardcover 240 pp (200 colour photos)

ISBN-13: 9781847735195

Available from NHBS




cover of Japanese Maples


Japanese Maples 4th Edition

by J.D. Vertrees & Peter Gregory

Timber Press

Hardcover 404 pp (574 colour photos)

ISBN13 9780881929324

Available from Timber Press (UK)

Timber Press (US)




cover of pocket guide to bamboos


Pocket Guide to Bamboos

by Ted Jordan Meredith

Timber Press

Flexibind 208 pp (302 colour photos)

ISBN-10: 0881929360

ISBN-13: 9780881929362

Available from Timber Press (UK)

Timber Press (US)




Evolution's Edge cover


Evolution's Edge

by Graeme Taylor

New Society Publishers, 2008

Softback pp 320 (64 full colour illustrations)

ISBN 978-0-86571-608-7

Available from New Society Publishers



We Are One jacket cover Survival


We are one - A celebration of tribal peoples

Created and edited by Joanna Eede

Quadrille Publishing with Survival International, 2009

Hardback pp 224

ISBN 978-1-84400-729-5

£30 available from Survival



cover of arable bryophytes


Arable Bryophytes A field guide to the mosses, liverworts and hornworts of cultivated land in Britain and Ireland

Ron Porley

Wildguides, 2008

Softback, 140 pp

ISBN-13: 9781903657218

Available from Wildguides and NHBS



cover of lost worlds by bruce m beehler



Lostworlds: Adventures in the tropical rainforest

Bruce M. Beehler

Yale University Press, 2009


ISBN-13 9780300158335

Available from many stockists including NHBS



cover of flowers of the forest by clive chatters


Flowers of the Forest: Plants and people in the New Forest National Park

Clive Chatters

Wildguides, 2009

Softback, pp 248

ISBN 978-1-903657-19-5

Available from many different stockists including Wildguides and NHBS



cover of british field crops


British Field Crops

2nd Edition, Sally A. Francis

A5 paperback with glossy covers, pp 104

ISBN-13: 0955046629

Available from many different stockists including NHBS



cover of wildflowers of south africa

Field Guide to Wildflowers of South Africa

John Manning

Struik Nature, June 2009

ISBN-10: 1770077588

ISBN-13: 978-1770077584





cover of conifers of the world


Conifers of the World

James E. Eckenwalder

Timber Press (November, 2009) £45

ISBN 9780881929744



cover of wildflowers of north highlands book

Wild Flowers of the North Highlands of Scotland

Ken Butler & Ken Crossan

Birlinn (2009) pp 189

ISBN 978 1 84158 832 2





Rainforest Light and Spirit

Ghillean Prance & Harry Holcroft

Antique Collectors' Club (2009) pp 196

ISBN-10 18514965770

ISBN-13 978-1851495771






The Vegetative Key to the British Flora


John Poland & Eric Clement

Published by John Poland in association with the Botanical Society of the British Isles (2009) pp 556

ISBN 13 978 0 09560144 0 5




Notebooks from New Guinea: Field Notes of a Tropical Biologist (Hardcover)

Vojtech Novotny (author) Oxford University Press (2009) pp 256

ISBN 978 0 19 956165 0





Tropical Forest Community Ecology.

Edited by W P Carson & S A Schnitzer

Wiley-Blackwell (2008), pp 517, £39.99.

ISBN 978 1 4051 1897 2



seed dispersal

Seed Dispersal: Theory and its Application in a Changing World.

A.J.Dennis, R.A.Green, E.W.Schupp & D.A.Westcott (editors).

CABI (2007), pp 720

ISBN 978 18459 31650



woody plants

Woody Plants of Western African Forests: A Guide to the Forest Trees, Shrubs and Lianes from Senegal to Ghana. William Hawthorne & Carel Jongkind.

Kew Publishing (2006) pp 1040

ISBN 1 84246 089 7 and ISBN 978 1 84246 089 7



field guide to rattans of Africa book cover

Field Guide to the Rattans of Africa. Terry C. H. Sunderland.

Kew Publishing (2007) pp 66

ISBN 978 1 84246 180 8