Plant Talk welcomes contributions of articles and other material for the magazine, especially from those working in the fields of botany and conservation.

The main criterion for accepting material is that it should be relevant, and of interest, to a readership of botanists and conservationists around the world. So, if you are writing about conservation in your country, include aspects that you know fascinate people from other countries and try to include ideas and methods that could be copied and adapted elsewhere.

Plant Talk is a scientific magazine, not a peer reviewed journal. Articles should be written in a journalistic style. Try to find the aspects of your subject that will most excite and interest the reader.

Plant Talk has a bias to practical work in the field and up the minute current conservation news. We like to feature new ideas by means of an example from a particular place. Thus we introduced the new subject of co-management of protected areas not by a theoretical article but in a feature on conservation of Mt. Elgon, Uganda, showing how this new technique revolutionised management of the national park.