Hugh Synge and John Akeroyd started Plant Talk in 1995 as a periodical for all those with a serious interest in plants and their conservation. Hugh and John continue today as part of the Plant Talk team.

The aim was simple: We believe that in most countries the factor most limiting progress is the lack of people in a position to conserve plants. Plant Talk is designed to help by supporting those who work in this field and by encouraging others to join them.

Plant Talk is not a peer-reviewed scientific journal but a worldwide network and forum for the exchange of information, opinion and ideas among the scattered communities of people concerned about plants and conservation worldwide, both professional and non-professional.

Plant Talk reaches out to all supporters of plant conservation and to the many decision-makers who influence policies and attitudes towards plant and habitat conservation. It is a magazine for everybody who wants to conserve plants or to keep in touch with this subject.

Why conserve plants?