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Save our Bees!


Bee and Bee smallUK Schools are to become ‘Polli:Nation’ habitats, thanks to £1.3m Heritage Lottery Funding.


Wildflower News: Sowing the seeds of potential


seed kids smallBirches Head Academy in Stoke-On-Trent is working with its ‘Grow It’ group to create a ‘Coronation Meadow’ in the school grounds. The ‘Coronation Meadows’ initiative, was founded by the Prince of Wales, to help increase wildflower populations in the UK.



Joel, aged 10, shares his 'really cool plant' with Kids Talk

18.03. 14

Joel thumbJoel says, ‘I think monkey puzzles are the coolest plants because they're spikey like a cactus - but are trees, and even monkeys can't climb them!'



'Really Cool Plants!'


chris collins thumBBC Blue Peter gardener, Chris Collins, gets us off to a flying start by nominating the giant water lily as his ‘really cool plant’. He chose it for its fast and furious lifestyle and bizarre pollination process!


Create a Mini Rainforest


mini rainforset smallChris Collins’ first challenge on Blue Peter was to create a mini rainforest – a mini rainforest in captivity!