British Field Crops

2nd Edition by Sally Francis

cover of british field cropsA useful little book for anybody with an interest in what they see over the hedge in the countryside. It offers concise descriptions, clear botanical drawings and easy-to-use keys to enable painless identification of the 80 botanical species and over 100 crops likely (or otherwise!) to be seen in the UK. Each entry includes well researched information on the origin and history of the plants which are so vital to our civilisation together with their commercial uses.

british field crops sample pageBritish Field Crops is a valuable information primer for the professional working in agriculture who wants to broaden their knowledge of arable farming, for farmers who might be thinking about growing something a bit different and for students, botanists and anybody who wants to know more about their environment.

This book acknowledges contributions from experts in all aspects of arable farming across the UK, and in true twitcher’s guide tradition ranks each crop according to its abundance, so if like me you’re an obscure crops enthusiast, it’s a must!

Review by Dr Jim Dimmock, Senior Agronomist, Eden Project, October 2009



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British Field Crops


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