Conservation Biology for all

Edited by Navjot S. Sodhi & Paul R. Erlich

Conservation Biology for all provides a comprehensive overview on the current thinking in conservation biology by some of the top names in the field including William Laurance, Thomas Lovejoy and Corey Bradshaw.

front cover of conservation biologyThis impressive text will be of great value to biological and social science undergraduates involved in studying conservation. In particularly, this work is commended on the way it addresses the importance of the sociological aspects of conservation and the need to balance conservation alongside peoples' needs.

This important book highlights a wide range of great conservation case studies (from the past and present, to planning and priorities, through to climate change), facts, statistics and web links. It provides a wealth of information and provides many key references for those who thirst to learn more about this crucial field.

Conservation Biology for all is available from Oxford University Press

Review by Dr. Alistair Griffiths (Horticulture Science Curator, Eden Project)