Brazil's environment minister to step down


Carlos Minc, Brazil's environment minister, will step down in March to run for state deputy in general elections next year report Reuters.

Minc has reportedly been at loggerheads with Brazil's huge farming industry and under Brazilian law any public official wanting to run for office must step down six months before an election.

Minc fought for stronger environmental regulations and is one of the first of President Lula's cabinet to stand down from his position. The co-founder of the Green Party in Brazil was expected to be a soft touch when it came to deforestation and approve environmentally damaging infrastructure projects. Instead he proved to be a thorn in the side of loggers, ranchers and farmers. He even blocked access to Amazonian roads, which made him particularly unpopular with local politicians.

However, lack of support for his techniques and ideals seemed to push him to resign. These were the same reasons that Marina Silva, former rubber tapper and Amazon supporter, gave for resigning the position a year earlier.