Indonesia: Greenpeace reveal extent of Sinar Mas forest destruction


Greenpeace released a report yesterday that delves deeper than ever into the rainforest destruction by Sinar Mas - one of the arch enemies of conservationists in SE Asia.

Cover of Greenpeace report

The report How Sinar Mas is expanding its Empires of Destruction used photographic evidence, aerial monitoring and field analysis to detail how the Sinar Mas group continues to destroy priceless habitat for oil palm plantations, pulp, and mining.

This is just the latest in a long-running saga that has pitched conservationists against the corporations intent on monetising the forests. But despite claims from Sinar Mas that they would stop clearing forests the evidence gathered by Greenpeace, with assistance from photographers from Reuters, shows quite the opposite.

The palm oil firm PT SMART, a part of Sinar Mas which has stated it would stop clearing forest, are publishing an audit of the company's activities on 10 August.

Download the full report

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