Why Conserve Plants? 

Jade vine

The beautiful Jade Vine,Strongylodon macrobotrys: Conservation status - vulnerable

We all need plants. People around the world are recognizing just how important both wild and cultivated plants are to human survival and development. Conservation action takes many forms, from education, research and seed banking activities, to natural area management and restoration. But why is it so vital to conserve plants?

We are at the centre of biodiversity loss. Any human activity that affects the delicate relationships between species and habitats will impoverish our quality of life and reduce the number of resources available to us. Ultimately this could threaten the survival of our descendants. Biodiversity is the foundation of our survival.

Plant conservation is an urgent task and although estimates vary as to the rates of loss of global and regional plant diversity, it is fair to say that each year several species, varieties and old crop cultivars are lost and every one of these plants possessed potential that had not been fully assessed. They have disappeared without any possibility of ever being replaced – extinction is forever!

Plant Talk promotes the vital need to conserve our Earth’s plant riches and is one of few publications devoted entirely to plant conservation. Plant Talk provides a link and support for colleagues and friends worldwide, encouraging the exchange of ideas and techniques that will increase the number of plant savers and help them to build effective capacity to expand and consolidate their efforts.