Philippines: Expanding Oil Palm aggression in Palawan Reserve


The Ancestral Land Domain Watch Network (ALDAW) have released a new video on their Vimeo channel highlighting the encroachment of Oil Palm plantations into the Palawan Man and Biosphere Reserve.

Plant Talk has been following the battles of Palawan Province for many months as local communities have tried to resist the expansive nickel mines threatening their mountainous forests. And now their foes have doubled.

Palm Oil plantations in Palawan are being established by Agumil Phillippines Inc., a joint venture between Filipino and Malay investors that also has interests in Palm Oil processing. This new marketplace is being driven by the recent trend in selling Palm Oil for the domestic market, so that the higher value Coconut Oil can be exported.

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Philippines: Major setback in Palawan campaign


Sign protesting against mine in the PhilippinesIn recent months Plant Talk has been closely following the unfolding drama in Palawan Province, Philippines, where corporations and the government are colluding to turn pristine rainforest into a giant mine. Last week the news took a turn for the worse.

Philippines: Initial victory for NGOs and Indigenous people in Palawan


People celebrating Palawan mining decisionAs many of you will know Plant Talk has been actively supporting a campaign in Palawan Province, Philippines to prevent mining in protected areas rich in cultural and biological diversity. Yesterday we received some good news from the team in Palawan led by the Ancestral Land Domain Watch (ALDAW) network.

Philippines: Crucial week for the people and forests of Palawan


mountain covered in forestPlant Talk has been covering the mining threats to Palawan, Philippines for a number of months. As the endgame approaches the Ancestral Land Domain Watch (ALDAW) call for a last minute protest to stop the mining.

Philippines: Crucial days ahead for UNESCO Reserve


children demonstrating against mining in palawanIndigenous people in Palawan, Philippines received shocking news at the start of June that the application of three new Philippine mining firms has been approved into one Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement (FTEE) in a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve.

Philippines: Update on Palawan campaign


Palawan campaign thumbnail In February Plant Talk published an article about the mining threats to the landscape, people and plants of Palawan in the Philippines. Yesterday I received an impassioned plea from Aldaw (Ancestral Land/Domain Watch) to bring a petition to the attention of the public.

Philippines: Geo-tagging reveals mining threats on the “Last frontier”


mining in the philippinesPlant Talk invited Dario Novellino from the Centre for Biocultural Diversity (CBCD), UK to speak out against the logging and mining in protected areas that is destroying the forests of Palawan.