Wildflower News: Sowing the seeds of potential


school kids

Birches Head Academy in Stoke-On-Trent is working with its ‘Grow It’ group to create a ‘Coronation Meadow’ in the school grounds. The ‘Coronation Meadows’ initiative, was founded by the Prince of Wales, to help increase wildflower populations in the UK.     

The number of wildflower meadows has fallen by 97% since the 1930’s, and this school is eager to increase that number. Wildflower meadows are great for the environment, look beautiful, and attract animals, birds and insects.

Before they got started, the ‘Grow it’ group, of students, their families and Birches Head Academy staff, travelled to the established Rod Wood Coronation Meadow to see how a meadow is cared for using traditional farming methods, and to learn more about flowers and plants. They were invited to collect seed for their own meadow.

Back at the school they held a planting ceremony where they filled balloons with wildflower seeds and burst them to randomly scatter the seeds.

The ‘Grow it’ group has gone from strength to strength. ‘Our weekly gardening group continues to flourish with students, staff, community organisations, parents and grandparents all joining in,’ explained member of staff, Mrs Lawton. Founded in 2012, the group also grows its own produce on a veg plot at the school, and the vegetables are used in the school cafeteria.

For more information about Coronation Meadows, go to http://coronationmeadows.org.uk/