Seychelles: Latest conservation news from the islands


The latest issue of Kapisen - the newsletter of the Seychelles Plant Conservation Action Group - has been released. Edited by Katy Beaver, Eva Schumacher and Christoph Kueffer Kapisen provides a biannual insight into plant conservation issues on these remote, beautiful and under-resourced islands.

"This 11th issue entitled threats to plants in Seychelles includes articles on forest fires, climate change, invasive species management, plant pollinator interactions and plant genetic resources in agriculture," said Christoph Kueffer.

front cover of Kapisen newsletter from the Seychelles

Click on the image to download the latest issue of Kapisen (pdf)

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beach on seychellesThe Seychelles are a group of 115 islands sheltering in the Indian Ocean. Famous for honeymooners lounging on sandy beaches, they appear a paradise on earth. But beneath the coconut palms you will see people and nature trying hard to get along.

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beach in the seychellesA new plant research agenda for the Seychelles hopes to prioritise conservation research questions for the next five to ten years that will inform the plant conservation management of the Islands.