UK: Plantlife gets a new look


Plantlife, one of the UK's most important plant conservation charities, has received a face-lift from non-profit branding experts Spencer du Bois.

new Plantlife logo

All charities face new challenges in the current climate as Plantlife's Head of Development and Communications, Mark Reay, says: “With 81% of the UK population
living in urban areas, and the rapid loss of the natural environment to development and agriculture, large numbers of Plantlife’s potential audience are removed from wild plants in their natural habitat. The new brand provides Plantlife with a distinctive identity and the means with which to engage more people who have an intrinsic love of wild plants or care about how wild plants are faring in our countryside.”new plantlife website

This won't be the end of the journey as John Spencer, Spencer du Bois’ Creative Director, explains: “The new logo was inspired by images of plants in their natural habitat. It’s bold and confident, and a literal interpretation of the name. We’ll be developing a library of logo variants that feature a diverse range of plants and habitats within the letterforms.”

Plantlife was formed in 1989 and has 10,000 members.

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