Guyana: Norway pledge investment in forests


The government of Norway has pledged up to $250 million in the protection of Guyana's forests. The agreement will ensure an initial payment of $30 million into the countries REDD+ fund and the rest will come if this investment succeeds in reducing emissions and tackling poverty.

This appears to be a vital step in a long ambition for Guyana who have been courting various nations in efforts to secure funding to protect their important forest systems. In December 2008 the office of the President of Guyana published a report Creating Incentives to Avoid Deforestation in which these plans were laid out using Guyana as a model for the rest of the world.


Russell Mittermeier, President of Conservation International - who have been been helping facilitate the deal - said: "The foresight of both President Jagdeo of Guyana and the Government of Norway deserve real praise - this is a truly monumental agreement that has dramatic positive implications for rainforest countries around the world, and for the global climate. It means a better future for the people of Guyana, and has major implications for other tropical rainforest countries as well."

This is an important step in showing how rich nations can help protect countries poor in financial resources but rich in biodiversity. The funds will primarily be used to help develop a green carbon economy in Guyana.

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