IN PICTURES: Re-planting Kielder Forest


Over the past week Plant Talk has published a fascinating speech in two parts by Tim Rollinson, Director General of the Forestry Commission to the University of British Columbia.

The history of the Forestry Commission has traditionally been a one-dimensional affair focused on the re-stocking of the UK's timber reserves following their decimation in the world wars. But times are changing and conservation, restoration, and an eagerness to help shape the UK's forested lands for the benefit of everyone are coming to the fore.

These photographs are from Kielder Forest. Kielder is one of the UK's largest forested landscapes and over 3.7 million trees are being planted by hand by on the 73,000 hectare site.

Planting trees at Kielder Forest

Pam Nimegeers, from Saskatoon, helping to plant the 3.7 million trees.

Tree planting in Kielder Forest

James Casey is one of the many North Americans involved in the massive task.


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