UK: The Atlantic Forest comes to chilly Britain


The World Land Trust's Atlantic Forest exhibit - that won a coveted gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show - has been moved to one of the biggest natural history visitor attractions in the country, Chester Zoo.

The rebuilding of the “Saving the Atlantic Rainforest” exhibit at Chester Zoo started in the summer, but came to an abrupt halt when a rare Victorian Crowned Pigeon (Goura victoria) chose the site for nesting said the World Land Trust (WLT). This bird is currently under a captive breeding programme at the zoo to try and restore its wild population, which has been decimated by hunting.

hut sitting in rainforest exhibit at chester zoo

The World Land Trust's Atlantic Forest exhibit in Chester Zoo's Tropical Realm

© Andrew Owen/Chester Zoological Gardens

Chester Zoo welcomes over one million visitors a year so this exhibit is a prime opportunity to raise the profile of this critically endangered ecosystem - it's estimated less than 10 % of native Atlantic Forest remains - and also raise the profile of WLT's Atlantic forest projects in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. But Chester isn't the only place to find out more about the Atlantic Forest. The Eden Project in Cornwall also has an Atlantic Forest exhibit in the gigantic Rainforest Biome.

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